A Season to be Thankful


Guest Post by: Faye Dunston, K3 Tutor at Browne Education Campus

Good day beautiful people! My name is Faye Dunston and I am a first year tutor of The Reading Corps placed at Browne Education Campus.  Upon receiving the opportunity to complete this year of service, I was very eager and curious to begin this one year journey. Not because it will look great on my resume to be an AmeriCorps member, but because I have a passion to help serve the youth, and for this opportunity, I am thankful.

Not only is it a passion to help serve the youth, it has always been a passion of mine to help serve “underprivileged” youth because they are the majority of minorities that get over looked by mainstream society. In a country that is driven by money, if you are underprivileged and illiterate it is highly likely that you will not be given a chance to show what potential you are capable of reaching because patience is not a well-learned skill by most individuals, but it is what is needed in order to help one overcome.

Since serving at Browne, I have come across many young souls who are heading toward being in the group of individuals who will be overlooked by mainstream society. Not because they lack potential to be great leaders, but because they lack the literacy to be considered “intelligent”, which is a problem that can be easily fixed with the right group of patient, positive role models who are invested in the betterment of a child’s development. The Reading Corps affords opportunities both to adults who can be positive role models, and to the children who are being impacted by these positive role models on a daily basis, and for that, I am thankful.

It brings joy to my heart to see the children I come in contact with every day, who are suffering traumatic experiences at home, (that many of us cannot fathom to think about being in) somehow, still finding courage and strength beyond their comprehension to constantly attack the day and reading interventions with no fear and great hope. I have learned more about the gift of forgiveness through the children I am around and I have also learned more about the gift of perseverance, and for that, I am thankful.

I believe that it is attainable, but very challenging, to reach every single soul you encounter on your path and to change their perspective on life, if it is a negative one, to a positive one. It only takes getting one to buy into the message of hope, prosperity, and peace, which isn’t a challenge at all, but many never even attempt to reach just one.  The Reading Corps affords the opportunity for a tutor to reach at least 15-20 children for twenty minutes a day, not only helping to build the foundational skills of reading, but allowing for ample moments of encouragement to be poured into each individual, that they may be lacking elsewhere in their lives, and for that, I am thankful.

It is essential to realize that our missions in life, whatever they may be, are always greater than ourselves. It takes an abundance of humility to be able to commit oneself to a greater work that involves dealing with other individuals on a daily basis, due to the simple fact that people, in general, are naturally selfish. It is honorable to be selfless and noble and to take on a selfless attitude with no regrets or fears. The Reading Corps plays a significant role in teaching one to become selfless in order to help one build, and for that I am very, very thankful.

Over the holiday, be thankful for the small pleasures in life, such as functioning families, shelter, a sound mind, and the ability to read, because many get lost in the sweep starting at kindergarten. It is a pleasure to share my thoughts, and a hope that inspiration and motivation was received by all readers who encounter the words on the page. Be thankful! THANK YOU!