Carlton Robert Collins To Lead The Leading Men Fellowship Expansion to Greater Cincinnati

(CINCINNATI, Feb. 1, 2022) — After securing $4.6 million in funding for its expansion to the Greater Cincinnati region, The Literacy Lab’s Leading Men Fellowship hired Carlton Robert Collins to lead the program’s efforts in addressing educational inequities amongst Cincinnati’s youngest children. In coordination with a Program Associate and Early Literacy Coaching Specialists, and in … Read more

Julius Cave Named Program Manager for Leading Men Fellowship Atlanta

(ATLANTA, February 1, 2022) — The Literacy Lab announced today Julius Cave as the program manager for its Leading Men Fellowship in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. He will help spearhead combating educational inequity among Atlanta’s youngest students by training and placing more young men of color as paid literacy tutors in local pre-K classrooms. In coordination … Read more

Why This Springfield, Massachusetts School Principal Continues to Invite the Literacy Lab Back

Principal Mark McCann was one of the first school leaders in Springfield, Massachusetts to invite The Literacy Lab into his school at Lincoln Elementary back in 2018. He recognized that some students were starting behind their peers or had gaps in their learning. Often these were students of color and students from low-income households. To … Read more

Kansas City Tutor Sewed Masks for Fellow Service Members As They Returned to the Classrooms

At the Literacy Lab, our Tutors and Fellows go above and beyond for the students we serve and for their fellow service members. Our educators continue to demonstrate inspiring resilience as they help students achieve literary excellence, despite the difficulties many of them have faced in their personal lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When … Read more

End of Year Survey Highlights and Notes on Growth

Feedback from our tutors, Fellows, and partner schools is a crucial part of how we measure our success as an organization and how we make improvements to our programming from year to year. Each quarter, tutors and Fellows share their feedback so that program teams can respond quickly to the needs the current cohort has … Read more