“As an AmeriCorps service member, I…”

For AmeriCorps Week 2016, we asked our tutors in DC, Virginia, Maryland and Missouri: what is one of the major things that you have learned in the first half of your AmeriCorps service year? From discovering the impact that literacy can have on a child’s confidence to solidifying personal goals – every tutor has gained insight and broadened his or her perspective through service.

Discover the Power of Reading

I have found a love for the power a teacher’s dedication, and a student’s persistence can have on changing years of educational neglect, into intellectual confidence. It’s amazing to see how a student, 5 months ago, considered themselves a “bad” reader, now is excited to read and feels like “they can do anything”–not only in literacy–but in the world. All children should feel like they can reach the stars. All children can–if we take the time to give them the confidence to do so. And serving in AmeriCorps, providing my time, has allowed me to do that for 17 students this year.

  • Kosoko Jackson, Metro DC K3 Tutor

I laughed, learned, and grew, but most importantly I bridged the literacy gap of some AMAZING children in Baltimore!

  • Tempest Jones, Baltimore PreK Tutor

Build Strong Relationships

I have had the opportunity to become a part of a new community, and I have formed relationships with my co-tutors, with my fellow teachers, and with my students–that will leave a lasting impact on my life.

  • Virginia Parks, Metro DC K-3 Tutor

I have built positive relationships with students and staff, and promoted a love for reading.

  • Betsy Edinger, Metro DC K-3 Tutor

I have been able to help the families become connected with literacy based services in their community.“

  • Kelsey Neil, Missouri Pre-K  Tutor

I have formed strong, positive relationships with my students and their families -which has increased their success in the classroom.”

  • Mary Beth Winston, Virginia Pre-K Tutor

I have engaged with a wonderful school community and helped increase literacy among K-3rd graders!

  • Sarah Beth Alcabes, Metro DC K-3 Tutor

I have developed patience and built relationships that allow my students to be comfortable and to have fun while learning.

  • Vivian Samuels, Metro DC K-3 Tutor

Encourage Literacy and Confidence

I have the honor and privilege of encouraging and celebrating students’ hard work and their enthusiasm for learning every day.

  • Lacey Helmuth, Metro DC K-3 Tutor

I have helped children 3-5 years old develop early reading and writing skills.

  • Dominika Gawryolek, Virginia Pre-K Tutor

I have increased my school site’s access to books with an additional 3,000 books from giveaways and library donations. Our elementary students now have engaging reading materials at home to help them meet their educational goals!

  • Sarah Kelly, Metro DC K-3 Tutor

I have helped my students to feel a sense of confidence in their academic pursuits.

  • McKensie Callahan, Missouri Pre-K Tutor

I have encouraged students who once hated reading to become passionate and confident readers.

  •  Angela Wilson, Missouri K-3 Tutor

I have helped students with their letter sounds and watched them read and write words with big smiles on their faces.

  •  Emily Clark, Virginia Pre-K Tutor

I have seen young children gain confidence and build the foundation to become great readers.

  • Amber Finley, Missouri K-3 Tutor

I have learned the importance of preparing my students with a foundation of literacy skills for them to take to kindergarten so that they won’t be at risk for falling behind.

  • Lisa Abualy, Virginia Pre-K Tutor

I have helped my students take their first steps towards expanding their worlds by giving them a head start in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing English, one of the largest, most widely-spread world languages.

  • Sarah Henry, Missouri Pre-K Tutor

Have An Opportunity for Self-Discovery

I have had the opportunity to grow as a person, to discover myself, and realize my passion: education. Helping children learn to read is truly empowering, because it helps them achieve their dreams.

  • Joyce Appel, Missouri K-3 Tutor

I have been, and continue to be, blown away by the perseverance and resiliency of my students.

  • Lizzie McCollom, Missouri K-3 Tutor

I have taught 18 Pre-K kids how to use the word impeccable, read “Dragons Love Tacos” more than 50 times, helped 10 students reach higher emergent literacy benchmarks through targeted tutoring interventions, and learned equally as much as I’ve instructed.

  • Anna Selle, Missouri Pre-K Tutor

I have watched how positive praise significantly raised my students’ abilities to envision their success in reading, when before, all they saw were walls. Their ability to improve so quickly empowered me to overcome my own personal struggles.

  • Mahsa Borhani Missouri K-3 Tutor

I have learned just as much from the 16 kids that I serve as they have learned from me.

  • Sarah Bain, Metro DC K-3 Tutor

I have found a direction for my future.

  • Jessica Watkins, Missouri Pre-K Tutor

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