National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month so we’re sharing a set of poems by a student/tutor pair from CW Harris Elementary School.

Why I Like to Read
by Ja’Niya (3rd Grade)

I like to read
It calms me down
It gives me tools
To learn in school

My reading coach helps me
When it gets tough
But I always try my best
And that’s good enough!

Why I Like to Tutor
by Ms. Alysha S. Brown

Behind the doors
of untamed minds
are precious thoughts
in which genius lies.

With the right tools
and a little grit;
a dedicated heart
and a little spirit,

I pry open the doors
to access a child’s mind
and leave behind skills
that will change their lives.

Now a little more confident
they face the world without fear
With the literacy skills needed
for a successful school year

I can’t imagine doing
anything much cooler
than working with great students
as a Reading Corps tutor!