Reflections on Student Growth Halfway Through the School Year

Between winter benchmarking and mid-year meetings, The Literacy Lab spends a lot of time in January and February reflecting on the progress made in the first half of the school year and the challenges still ahead! A few Literacy Lab tutors weighed in on the growth they’ve seen in students since August.


“I am consistently amazed at the resilience and persistence of all of my Pre-K friends. They know that even if they don’t understand something yet, with some hard work and consistency, they will. And being a member of their ‘self-esteem team’ is hands-down the best part of being a tutor.”  Gina Kessie, DC Pre-K

In my second year of service I have graduated five kids from my caseload all before Christmas break; one kindergartener, 1 first grader, 1 second grader and two third graders! It has been so amazing to watch my kids flourish and grow through the Literacy Lab, from struggling readers to confident, strong readers.” Abigail Mendez, Richmond K-3

These students have grown so much since we started together back in August. I have successfully exited three students from the Repeated Read Aloud Intervention before the winter break, and six students are writing their first and last name. I know that they are going to grow even more as the months go by before the end of the school year.”  Shakia Bonds, DC Pre-K


“Once I started sending home passages with one of my second graders for Read at Home, my student started reading to his younger brother who is also on my caseload. He explained that he likes reading to his younger brother because it helps him learn the letters and sounds and they both like the passages I select for them. Seeing the little brother’s signature on the Read at Home signature form always makes me smile.” Nicole Bradley, KC K-3

“One of the first grade teachers at my school is particularly invested and excited about her students’ progress because of Literacy Lab. While recently discussing her students’ progress with her, she told me that her daughter is in second grade at another Richmond Public School and recently started receiving Literacy Lab services at her school. She said her daughter loves working with her tutor and, as a parent, she is so happy that her daughter is progressing in her reading. I think it’s really awesome to see the way Literacy Lab is empowering to not just our students, but our whole community.” Anne Forrester, Richmond K-3

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