The Literacy Lab Increases Tutor and Fellow Living Allowance

A Message from Heather Jenkins, The Literacy Lab’s CEO

For those who are not familiar with our work, the Literacy Lab is committed to creating a more just society through opportunity and access to education for those who have been most impacted by systemic racism and inequities. Through our amazing Tutors and Fellows we offer literacy intervention services to students in PK through 3rd grade, while equipping emerging leaders with the resources, network, and leadership skills to elevate their careers.

Today I want to share some important investments that we are making for those who choose to serve with us through AmeriCorps or through the Leading Men Fellowship program. We have heard lots of feedback from current and former AmeriCorps member tutors and fellows that the living allowance and pay rates are insufficient. These rates do not allow people, particularly those who are not economically privileged, to do this important work with us. We heard you and we agree. I am pleased to share that The Literacy Lab will be increasing our living allowance and pay rates for the next school year, and will continue to increase the living allowance over the next several years to ensure we are working with the cost of living in all of our regions.” We will also continue our investment in the Johnson-Dillon fund, which we’ve designated to support the needs of our Tutors and Fellows, outside of living allowances and pay, respectively.

If you are a current tutor or fellow and are considering another year of service, we see you, we value you, and we would love to have you return. If you are looking into AmeriCorps programs or our Fellowship program, please reach out to us as we would love to hear about your interests and share more about our work.

Thank you for listening. I hope to meet as many of you as possible next school year as members of The Literacy Lab team!