What could you do with a $100 referral bonus?

The Literacy Lab Recruitment Team is calling on tutors to spread the word about our upcoming tutoring opportunities! In addition to ensuring another great year of tutoring from someone like yourself, you can earn a referral bonus for your efforts. For any applicant that mentions you in an application and successfully completes onboarding by July 27th, you can earn $100! To help you decide what to do with this unexpected bonus money, we put together a list of some responsible (and fun) ways to spend $100.

Start a savings account. 

Whether it’s for retirement, school, or a rainy day, starting a savings account can help your money grow with interest! Unless your savings account is in your sock drawer, which is also a valid option. Opening a savings account is easier than ever with services like Acorn, where you can manage your account from your smartphone.

Take someone (or multiple someones) that you care about out for dinner. 

Two birds, one referral bonus. Treat yourself AND someone you care about to dinner out on the town. Check out a new spot or indulge in an old favorite. Follow up your dinner with bowling or a painting class!

Go on a day-trip adventure. 

$100 isn’t quite enough for a vacation. However, it’s more than enough to fill up your gas tank or buy a train ticket and get away for the day. Spend a little bit of time in a different city nearby, or stumble upon a roadside attraction or two.

Do the thing you’ve been putting off. 

Fix your cell phone screen, get an oil change, pay an overdue bill, get an eye exam, etc. If you keep telling yourself, ‘I’ll get to it when I have a little extra money,’ now is the time!

Invest in some professional wardrobe pieces. 

Because you’ve been wearing the same three polos every day for the last 10 months, so it might be time to invest in a few other options. Make your referral bonus stretch farther by shopping at thrift and resale stores.

Have a self-care day. 

Self-care can mean a lot of different things, from going to the dentist to buying groceries to exercising your creativity. Spending a little bit of time on yourself can help you reset and feel renewed. With some extra money, invest in something that you can use routinely over time. Try a new book or journal, weighted blanket, or fancy toothbrush!

Become a member or make a recurring donation to an organization you’re passionate about. 

Pledge a monthly amount or make a one-time donation to become an annual member at a museum, with your public radio station, for a human rights organization, etc. Membership programs often come with benefits, especially if you’re donating to an institution like a science center or zoo.