A Day in the Life

Full-time professional tutors, making a real difference.

Our tutors make an impact on children each and every day and work to close the literacy gap using structured, research-based interventions. Tutors become critically important members of each school community.

Day in the Life of a Pre-K Tutor


Our pre-K tutors are embedded full-time in a single classroom for the entire school year. Tutors work closely with the classroom lead teacher and teacher’s assistant. They lead explicit whole-class, small-group, and one-on-one literacy interventions. Throughout the day, pre-K tutors also embed essential skills into classroom rituals. These include literacy-rich transition activities such as singing rhyming songs and affirming, vocabulary-rich verbal communication.

Pre-K Tutor: Sample Daily Schedule
Prepares intervention materials and tutoring logs.
Students arrive. Tutor greets all students with positive affirmations and conducts a sign-in intervention with each student.
Tutor conducts Tier 2 small group interventions.
Lunch. Tutor models strong oral language, vocabulary, and social-emotional skills during mealtime conversations.
Tutor leads whole group read aloud and provides one-on-one intervention to targeted students.
Tutor distributes family engagement kits during dismissal routine.
Plans interventions for the next week with Lead Teacher.
Volunteers at neighborhood food bank.

Day in the Life of a K-3 Tutor


Our K-3 tutors serve full-time at one school for the entire year, working with students from different classrooms. Our tutors use 10 structured, scripted early literacy interventions that compliment what’s already being taught in the classroom. Tutors work with their caseloads of 15-18 students every day, providing the opportunity to build deep, meaningful relationships.


K-3 Tutor: Sample Daily Schedule
Prep intervention materials and tutoring logs.
One-on-tutoring for nine kindergarten and 1st grade students (20 minutes each; brief transitions in between).
Monthly data review meeting with Internal Coach and Master Coach.
One-on-tutoring for six 2nd and 3rd grade students students (20 minutes each; brief transitions in between).
Data entry; emails.
Volunteer in school’s aftercare program.

The Tutor Experience

The Literacy Lab’s full-time tutors become important members of each school community. Read our blog to learn about our tutors’ experiences in schools and watch the video to the right to learn about the impact our tutors have on their students.

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