Welcome to the Team!

This month, we welcomed several new staff members to The Literacy Lab’s team. We asked these individuals to share a bit about themselves so you have the opportunity for a virtual meet-and-greet. Read on to get to know Jax, Bianca and Funmi.

Meet Jax, our DC Regional Director.

More importantly: find out her secret superheroine power…

Meet Bianca, our Human Resources Manager.

What’s the most important thing people need to know about you?
The most important thing about me is that I trust my intuition. I try to avoid going against my better judgment or getting talked into things that don’t feel right.

Why does equity in education matter to you?
Equity in education matters to me because I believe that every child deserves an equal chance at success.

What do you hope to accomplish with the Literacy Lab?
Just to name a few, I hope to streamline routine processes so that more time can be spent on people-focused activities, I hope to maintain compliance and consistency in all functions throughout the organization, and I hope to foster a culture where employees feel included and engaged.

If you were a superheroine, what would be your special power?
I actually took the superhero-at-work test a few weeks ago and it described me as “Professor E”. Professor E possesses a limitless power of empathy. I intuitively hear the unvoiced questions and give comfort to those in need. I make sure there are no major conflicts and burnouts in my team. This is definitely an attribute most HR professionals possess. *Professor E to the rescue*

Meet Funmi, our Director of Advancement.

She shares a bit about her goals to expand the organization’s reach to accomplish optimal equity and inclusion.