End of Year Survey Highlights and Notes on Growth

Feedback from our tutors, Fellows, and partner schools is a crucial part of how we measure our success as an organization and how we make improvements to our programming from year to year. Each quarter, tutors and Fellows share their feedback so that program teams can respond quickly to the needs the current cohort has identified. Principals, school-based coaches, and teachers of participating students receive surveys at the middle and end of each program year. 

The opinions, reflections, and detailed suggestions we receive in these surveys are invaluable, providing us with feedback on our performance and areas in which we can continue to grow. Below are some highlights from this year’s survey.

In addition to answering general questions, some of the most important feedback we receive comes through the short answer response sections of the survey. Important lessons from this year’s survey responses include: 

  1. Though we were still primarily virtual, tutors still felt connected to our organization and mission, however, they did miss the in-person connections with students. 
  2. It will be important for us to review the passages that are used during Literacy Lab sessions to ensure that they are accessible for students from all backgrounds. 
  3. Every member of the tutor support team has an important role to play and makes an impact for tutors and students. Accordingly, we will be scaling our program team size to meet program growth to ensure that every tutor gets the same high-quality, hands-on support.