The Literacy Lab’s AmeriCorps Members are Motivated to Serve

This week, National Service organizations around the country are celebrating AmeriCorps Week! We asked our AmeriCorps members to finish the sentence “I Serve Because…” as a reflection on their reasons for service.

“I Serve Because…”

KC K-3 tutor Nylah works with a third-grade student to build fluency.

“If not me then who, and if not now then when? I’m deeply invested in the success of the students I serve, and RIGHT NOW is a crucial time to step in, take action, and get things done. I want to be a source of light for them because they need us now more than ever. They need someone who won’t give up on them. I serve because I am that someone.” Nylah Evans-Watson, KC K-3.

“I am a proud Washingtonian! Working for The Literacy Lab has allowed me to not only help children grow and become more knowledgeable as they embark on their educational journey, but to also help families grow as well. Helping my teaching team accomplish their lesson goals for the students has been a rewarding experience as well.” Shakia Bonds, DC Pre-K.

“I am a literacy tutor because as a child, I had a difficult time learning to read. My mother did what she could to assist me, but had there been a tutoring program that would have addressed my problem directly, I would have had more successes much earlier in my life. I want to give back what my mother was trying to do for me; I want to help children have success much earlier rather than later in life.” Stephenie Bradford, KC K-3.

DC Pre-K tutor Aimee builds oral language skills with her students through meaningful conversation.

“Every child deserves to receive the support they need in order to become successful, confident, and happy learners!” Aimee Becker, DC Pre-K.

“Reading empowers. If just one of my students were to learn to love to read and develop the mindset that they can read well, then that student would have access to an infinite amount of knowledge to apply to their adult lives in the future. Applied knowledge is power.” Cheyenne Squire, KC K-3.

“I know that, even on the hard days, my tutoring is important. I’m molding the minds of reading stars every day!” Megan Moore, KC Pre-K.

“I love my students. My kids are so incredible already, and with great literacy skills they’ve been building, they’ll accomplish so much.” Anja Browning, KC K-3.

Are you motivated to make an impact with young readers? Apply today to serve as a literacy tutor in the 2018-19 school year!